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I ordered a rear end for a Toyota tundra november 28Th I talked to a man named Jim he said he was the owner he I called a bunch of times and got a million excuses y it wasent del yet then on December 12 he gave me some *** about y he had to give me a refund and pay him through paypal I gave him the benefit of the doubt and did it this was about december 12th here it is january18th and I just got the rear end finally and there was a plug broken off still can't get in touch with him does it really take two months to ship a rear end if he had the part at one of his yards makes me wonder if he has any yards or is it all lies

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I would like to know if all these matters have been resolved.I too have been burnt by james adcock used junk parts


i ordered a cylinder head for my kia rio on 6-22-2011,Jim said it would be here in 3-5 is now 7-9-2011 and i still have not recieved it yet.jim billed my card right away,but every time i called him to see where it is he gives me different anwers.he told me he would get a tracking #weeks he will not answer my calls.He said the part got returned because of undeliverable address,then he said there was a problem with the part,and he would get right back to me,still have not heard from him,very bad business!I need a credit on my card,but cant get ahold of him.


In Response to Mr Averbach allegations, he ordered a cylinder head from me for a 1993 mercedes which is very large and weighs about 125lbs, which is over the normal weight restrictions for ups or fedex so it had to go freight which cost more to ship, normal shipping would have been around 75.00 but it was going to cost 175.00 to ship originally mr averbach was charged 100.00 for the part and 75.00 for shipping total 175.00 the only difference he was asked to pay was 50.00 to help cover the extra cost of the shipping, he refused said he wanted to cancel, i said fine but that there would be fees involved which was 25.00 he became irrate cussing and yelling and being very beligerant to me, i refunded mr averbach 150.00 and closed the order. Mr Averbach needs to understand what credit card fraud is before he accuses someone of it i just hope he understands what slander means.......


I ordered an auto part that was $175 including all shipping and I paid with a credit card. For four days he told me that the part was shipped UPS and would have a tracking number soon.

On the fifth day he said it had not been shipped and he needed an additional $175 to cover the shipping.

I cancelled the order at that point and asked him to refund me for the $175 charge on my card. A couple of days later I received a refund for $150.

I called him and he said he would look into it and get back to me.

Needless to say he hasn't gotten back in touch, returned my phone calls, nor have I received the rest of the money charged to my card.

I believe that this is called Credit Card Fraud.


MR Huff placed his order with me and yes it did take a little longer than usual to get him the rear end he ordered, because of shipping issues and unforseen delays with the distributor i used and i did keep in constant touch with mr huff to let him know about the delays, these things happen when dealing with used parts thats what they are,they are used parts, they are not going to show up in perfect condition, but we do try to locate and ship out the best part we can, but we do stand behind what we sell, if there was an issue with the rear end mr huff recieved he should have notified me so we could fix the problem,

i recieved payment from mr huff dec 14 explained to mr huff it takes around 72hrs to get his part pulled and ready to ship, i used a distributor out of OR. because this is the only one that had the specific rear end mr huff needed due to bad weather there were some delays and because this was comming from OR to LA it is at least a five day trip but due to incliment weather between there and here and the holidays there were some delays, i am sorry that mr huff feels that i lied to him about anything but i kept mr huff informed about the status of his order the whole time..

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