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I am a Auto Repair in So Cal. I have been in business since 1954 so I knowm my way around I needed AS 6.5 diesel short block there wasn't any to be found in so cal so I went on the internet and put out finders in used auto parts, I received many replies so I started responding to their e-mails when I talked to Jim at Adcock auto parts he said all the right things I needed to hear, so I placed a order with Jim for a good rebuildable short I was told it would take a few days to inspect the core and make sure it was in good shape.

I thought thats great now there's a company that does business like I do theyrole. So jim billed my credit card and would ship it the next day. Well after two weeks no motor, I called jim and was told my motor was coming from Idaho and should be there within a week?? Another week went by and still no motor; I called Jim once again and he told me once again that it's not his fault! The yard he was getting it from really messed up.

Two more weeks went by and my motor was then delivered and it was sitting in my drive way,it looked like someone was using it for a boat anchor the only thing I could was inspected was to make sure it didn't fall off the pallet I was MAD I took pictures and e mailed to jim to show what his connection had sent a week went by and I called jim and asked if he had seen the pictures. We talked and I was going to dissemble this mess and report back to him. took me a week to dissemble and send the block to the machine to hot tank and inspect, it came back the block was rebuild able but the crank and a few rod were trashed so I called jim and we talked I asked him just find me a good crank and we would be square. Well here three months later calling jim of course one bull story after another I still waiting for a crankshaft,Now the picea *** won't even answer the phone,This *** makes all the respectable company's look bad. Lets see what feedback responce *** this *** gonna to reply ITS NOT HIS FALT Fu__ you jim You Picea *** Don'tm buy from this CROOK

Steve In Califorina

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I would like to put together a list of both complaints and who has been notified. I personally have contacted (1) The Better Business Bureau (2) Attorney General (3) Motor Vehicle Commission (4) Monroe Police Department (5) The News Star (6) KNOE News Chanel 8.

I will be adding to this list. I plan to post this list showing phone numbers and contact names in order to help other victims. I want other victim info to share with everyone on the first list.

Please feel free to send information for either list.


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Thank you for your recent parts request.We offer the most competitive

prices anywhere, we will do our best to beat our competitors prices. All

parts are tested and given a GRADE A RATING before shipped to you. We

offer shipping anywhere in the US as well as International shipping.We

stand behind everything we sell with a standard 90 day warranty, Extended

warranties of 6 and 12 months are available on select parts. Please call

us for pricing and availability of your part.Ask about our Daily Specials.





1995 Chevrolet C/K 3500 Series - Cylinder Block - 302-01387

Did you see the part where it says the parts are tasted and givin a grade A rating before shipment WTF ANOTHER ADCOCKLYE


first of all steve let me start by saying i told you from ther start that this was a rebuildable core no gaurantees you accepted that, was it rebuildable yes, did i try to find you a replacement crank yes but the ones we ran accross were not usable i priced them brand new from the dealer and they were very expensive i explained that to you you said you could get one cheaper from your local dealer i saidd ok i would refund you the cost but you said no you wanted me to send one any way i said ok i ordered one through the dealer and it was the incorrect one i explained to you that i would try to locate you a replacement or refund your monei even offered to refund you in full but you said no you wanted the crank, rebuildable block means just that it needs rebuildt somethings will need to be replaced or reworked all that was gauranteed on that was the blockm it self not the internals thats why you got it so cheap, i have answered every call you have made except the ones you called today because i was at the dr all day, so dont tell people i havent tried to resolve this matter because i have, i will be issuing you a credit back today and you can find your crank somewhere else.and you as a mechanic should know that when a core engine is exposed to wheather conditions they will show i explained to you that it would not show up looking new and you said ok i have went above and beyound trying to resolve this matter and have come up with resolutions that you would not accept, even though i dont have to i will issue you a credit back through your credit card and close out this order, and you will be hearing from my attorney for slander......

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